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Executive search and selection

We excel at high responsiveness and adaptability to our clients needs and demands.

Would you like to empower your team? We can help.

  1. Our first step is visiting your company. We analyse the environment in which the new person is about to come. We analyse the team and the leaders who will work closely with the new employee. We define job demands so that we can match the new person according to them.
  2. In cooperation with the client we define the way how we will search for the new candidates (searching through the database of candidates, searching with the help of advertising, headhunting).
  3. In case of searching with the help of advertising, we also prepare the advertisement and advertising media plan. When we use the headhunting method, we make a market research.
  4. When searching with the advertising, we make the selection of the applications. When searching with the headhunting, we also get in touch with the candidates.
  5. We conduct the interviews with the candidates that suit the job demands.
  6. We organise the interviews with the final selection of the candidates (usually 3 -5 candidates).
  7. If the client comes to the decision about the final candidate, we take care of all the necessary procedures needed to hire the candidate (we cover all the necessary legal demands, application at the Employment Office and other administrative, legal, health institutions, we prepare employment contract etc.). We inform the candidates that were not selected.
  8. In the case that the final decision about the candidate is not possible on the basis of the interviews, we offer our clients the following options:
    • Testing the narrow selection of the candidates with psychometric tools.
    • Assessment which is conducted in the simulation of the real future environment. We assess and observe ALL the candidates SIMULTANEOUSLY.
    • The client has the possibility to select both options or decide to apply only one of them.

We have the experience in the field of executive search and selection in Slovenia, other EU countries and Ex-Yugoslavian countries.