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Assessment centre method

We excel at high responsiveness and adaptability to our clients needs and demands.

The assessment centre method we can use:

  • in the final stage of selection process or
  • as a development method when working with key employees (to recognize talents among employees or when planning successions).

With this method we can find out which are the areas where employees need improvement, education and training so that they will be able to perform on the top level.

We are searching strong points and challenges.

On the basis of the results we can help candidates to focus on key areas to train, educate and grow to become top performers.

Experts are evaluating activities in real work environment. The tasks are interactive and suitable for different job positions that we take into consideration. We observe ALLcandidates SIMULTANEOUSLY. We use the COMBINATION of different methods of evaluating and estimating key competences of each individual.

The number of combinations and different assignments (individual and group) are improving the reliability of estimation and minimizing the possibility of error. We also include larger number of observers, which are playing the important role in the assessment process.

The observers/evaluators are as important in this process as the candidates that are evaluated.

We need at least one day (8 a.m. till 6 p.m.) for the assessment activities. It is better if we take two days. This all depends on the number of competences we want to observe, the number and level of difficulty of each task and the number of candidates.

The optimal number of candidates is 8-10. With thorough preparation and consideration of some rules, the assessment centre method can be very successful method for all participants when we are facing challenging business demands.

Katalea Consulting Team has long years of experience with the method of Assessment centre which is the best assurance of the quality of our service.

Call 00386 (31) 302 386 and arrange the meeting where we will present the method more in depth.

In the structured preparation of the assessment activities we help

  • To answer all the possible questions and to prevent getting to the uncomfortable situations connected with the assessment. To do this it is extremely important that we communicate with all the participants before the assessment.
  • Define the competence model, that is important to your key employees and use it in the assessment procedure.
  • Prepare the proposal of individual and group assignments and the proposal of the whole program.
  • Train the observers.
  • Prepare all the materials to conduct the assessment.
  • Perform the assessment.
  • Prepare the report about the candidates in the assessment procedure.
  • Analyse the results of the assessment.